Sunday, 19 October 2008

19th October Report

It rained on and off for the first 3 days of the week and on the last for a total of 15mm. When not raining it was overcast with a few sunny periods. A total of 80 bird species were seen and a further 5 heard, 16 mammal and reptile species were seen.

Highlights for the week were two Pacific Baza circling over the entrance to the lodge, Juvenile Brown Goshawk flying low over the cane paddocks before perching in a tree for good looks, female Double-eyed Fig-parrot digging a nest on a tree limb whilst the male watched on supervising - this is normal for this species.

Male Double-eyed Fig-Parrot

Female Double-eyed Fig-Parrot

The first Brush Cuckoo for the season arrived on the 16th, Fairy Gerygone starting to build a nest, 12 honeyeater species including several Bridled and Scarlet Honeyeater and male Yellow-breasted Boatbill showing well. Reptiles and mammals were difficult to find but we did manage several Boyd's Forest Dragon, Lace Monitor - first for 6 months, several Striped Possum which were calling well and sightings of Platypus in Bushy Creek.

A couple of pairs of Pale-yellow Robin were nesting, unfortunately one was predated by a Spotted Catbird who stole the two eggs, the other nest is precariously perched on a vine overhanging Bushy Creek - hope this one has more success.

The Sooty Owl has had bouts of calling for several hours in the middle of the night, waking us up one night but we did not seen it. The Noisy Pitta is living up to its name as it is calling early morning (5.30am outside our bedroom one morning), spasmodically during the day and again in the evening. One made an appearance at the crake pool in the late afternoon for a drink.

Further afield a Northern Fantail is sitting in a nest at Abattoir Swamp, Australian Bustard are at Maryfarms with up to 13 seen, several males displaying. The biggest surprise was two Common Tern at Hasties Swamp near Atherton, not a common species up this way and certainly not inland. Pictures can be viewed at

Del Richards from Fine Feather Tours reported 22 White-headed Pigeon flying over Sides Road (4km from Kingfisher Park Birdwatchers Lodge), the largest flock he has seen in the district - they are more common on the southern Atherton Tableland.

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