Sunday, 27 March 2011

27th March 2011 Report

Temperatures ranged from 21.8ºC to a warmer than last week 29.6ºC. Bird species recorded were exactly 100 seen and 5 heard, reptiles and mammals were 17 seen. 47.5mm of rain fell during the week, not a lot but enough to keep the ground sodden. Bird numbers were up on last week with more effort put into observations.

The weeks bird list is on the Eremaea Birds site.

Unusual sightings were Black Bittern along McDougall Road and two Brahminy Kite near Geraghty Park which used to be a regular nesting area but they disappeared from here a few year ago. A Spotless Crake was heard and a Purple Swamphen seen at the rear of the Mt. Kooyong Nursing Home in a swampy area near a cane field, both species not seen in the area for several years. A Tawny Frogmouth was roosting at eye level along Mt. Kooyong Road near the Bushy Creek bridge; this is a species we have not seen around the Lodge area for a few years, it was being harassed by a Pale Yellow Robin. 

Tawny Frogmouth
Other interesting sightings included Wompoo Fruit-Dove in the Lodge grounds and a pair of Papuan Frogmouth roosting in the orchard. At least 35 White-throated Needletail were overhead the Lodge grounds after coming from the McDougall Road direction. An Eastern Great Egret was flying over cane fields near Bushy Creek and was a first sighting for several months. Raptors made a comeback this week, beside the previously mentioned Brahminy Kite there was Black-shouldered Kite, Pacific Baza, White-belied Sea-Eagle, Whistling and Black Kite, Grey Goshawk and Nankeen Kestrel. Double-eyed Fig-Parrot were seen several times flying over and a few Eastern Koel and Channel-billed Cuckoo are still around. Little (Gould's) Bronze-Cuckoo was heard in the Lodge grounds for most of the week and a female was seen foraging around in Geraghty Park at the end of the week. 

Little (Gould's) Bronze-Cuckoo - female

Still a few, mainly adult, Buff-breasted Paradise-Kingfisher in the Lodge grounds but there does seem to be a general exodus in the area with other observers reporting a drop in sightings. A single Dollarbird was in the area of the Lodge for one day, probably heading north on migration. A Noisy Pitta was heard smashing a snail shell on its anvil out the back of the units one afternoon and upon investigation it was seen flying away. Spotted Catbird has still been coming to the feeder occasionally but has been more often heard than seen. Red-backed Fairy-wren are along McDougall Road and Brown Gerygone has been around the edge of the Mt. Kooyong cane field. Ten honeyeater species were seen during the week including many Macleay's who were not at the Lodge's feeder but foraging for insects in Geraghty Park along with Yellow and Yellow-faced Honeyeater. White-bellied Cuckoo-shrike were also in Geraghty Park foraging along with a male and female Cicadabird and a pair of Rufous Whistler. 

White-bellied Cuckoo-shrike

Cicadabird - male

Rufous Whistler - male

The Yellow Oriole reported over the last few weeks was also in Geraghty Park skulking around in some low bushes before being chased out by some Yellow-spotted Honeyeater and then perching out in the open where it started calling, probably telling the honeyeaters to get lost! A scruffy looking Spangled Drongo has been hanging around but appears not to have any mates. A pair of Willie Wagtail have taken to come into the Lodge grounds, something they don't do too often, although a common species they are great to see as they always look like they are enjoying themselves. 

Willie Wagtail

A pair of Torresian Crow appeared at the end of the week; sightings of this species have been infrequent over the last few years. An adult Black-faced Monarch had a juvenile in tow in Geraghty Park whilst foraging around in the eucalypts. The juvenile was very young with a very yellow gape and no black on the front of the face, it was doing well finding caterpillars. Pied Monarch and Yellow-breasted Boatbill have continued calling this week and showing well. 

Pied Monarch
A few Fairy Martin were hawking insects over the fields along McDougall Road and Australian Pipit were on the ground foraging.

Reptiles and mammals were fairly quiet this week but a few Saw-shelled Turtle hatchlings were of interest in the neighbours garden. Giant White-tailed Rat appeared at the feeder along with Fawn-footed Melomys, Bush Rat and Northern Brown Bandicoot.

Further afield a Black-eared Cuckoo was reported along Clacherty Road, Julatten and Chowchilla was heard calling from Mt. Kooyong in the distance behind the nursing home. Two Pale-vented Bush-hen were seen on a private property along Euluma Creek Road as well as two White-headed Pigeon, Double-eyed Fig-Parrot and Black Butcherbird. A full list of species at this site can be found on the Eremaea Birds site. A White-winged Triller was at Abattoir Swamp, an uncommon species here. Straw-necked Ibis which have been away this year were seen between Mt. Molloy and Mareeba as was a Wedge-tailed Eagle on a road kill. Victoria's Riflebird have been seen on the lower slopes of Mt. Lewis which may mean they are migrating down to lower altitudes.

A few more dragonflies were identified this week and a report can be found on the Wildiaries Dragonfly site.

L-Spot Basker

Fiery Skimmer - female

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