Sunday, 5 October 2008

5th October Report

The week started off dry and deteriorated into drizzle and rain towards the end, which reflected in the lower than normal bird sightings, 62 seen, 7 heard and 10 mammal/reptile species. The frogs liked it, White-lipped Green Tree Frog, Dainty Green Tree Frog and the Northern-barred Frog.

White-lipped Green Tree Frog

A morning walk on the 28th produced 53 species of which 45 were seen, highlights were good looks at Topknot Pigeons, a male Red-backed Fairy-Wren posing beside Bushy Creek, Barred Cuckoo-shrikes foraging in a fig tree and Golden-headed Cisticolas preening in the sun.

The good news for the week was that the Noisy Pittas have started calling, 2 pairs. One was 4m up in a tree proclaiming his territory and was seen again on the ground calling with a female in tow. Great news as we had thought that a feral cat had taken them due to them disapearing at the same time the cat was sighted several months ago. The males calling from high in a tree is a precursor to nesting where they are announcing their territory and trying to impress the female.

Noisy Pitta

The Channel-billed Cuckoos are very vocal flying backwards and forwards over the lodge, one was seen stalking a Torresian Crow - a species they parasitise. Good looks were had of them feeding in the same fig tree as the Barred Cuckoo-shrikes.

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