Sunday, 14 September 2008

Yorkey's Knob Lagoon

A trip into Cairns allowed time to call into Yorkey’s Knob Lagoon on the edge of Half Moon Bay Golf Course. Always an interesting spot and it did not disappoint. Despite some of the lagoon being filled in there was a small colony of Little Black Cormorant on the island in the centre of the lagoon with at least one nest containing two chicks. On the water were 30 Green Pygmy-goose very close to the road but I had no camera to take advantage of this photo opportunity.

Other birds on the water included Pacific Black Duck, Hardhead, Australasian Grebe and a Dusky Moorhen.

A big surprise was a pair of Little Friarbird chasing a Laughing Kookaburra, although they have

been recorded here before they are very uncommon around the Cairns coast. A pair of Pied Imperial-Pigeon swooped over and nearly took my head off. Other interesting birds were Black Butcherbird and an Australasian Darter walking across the road. I always like visiting this little wetland as it is full of surprises turning up interesting birds.

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